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ANGLICA: An International Journal of English Studies aims to offer an interdisciplinary discussion on Anglophone literature, culture, and linguistics. The journal brings together contributions by specialists from across the world so as to both underscore and foster a discussion on the most significant (emerging) areas of thematic focus within the field of humanities as well as its (changing) methodologies and ideologies.

For the volumes on literature/culture the editors invite contributions within the areas of English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, American, Canadian, Australian, and post-colonial, literature, theatre, film, the arts, the media, history, cultural studies and social studies. We also accept articles comparing and contrasting Anglophone with non-Anglophone cultures, as well as submissions concerning the contemporary (global) impact of non-Anglophone literature, film and arts.

For the volumes on linguistics, the editors invite contributions in various aspects of the synchrony and diachrony of English or/and its varieties, sociolinguistics, language contact, translation studies as well as articles comparing and contrasting English with other languages. We also accept reviews of recently published academic studies (monographs and edited volumes) within the field of Anglophone studies. We do not accept creative writing submissions.

ANGLICA is an annual, peer-reviewed journal. All submissions are first assessed by our Editorial Team, if accepted, they are submitted to a double-blind review.

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