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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 21/1

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 21/1

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Dominika Oramus
Darwinian obsessions: references to the theory of evolution in the novels of John Fowles, A. S. Byatt, and Hilary Mantel

Marzena Sokołowska-Paryż
The Great War revisited: the laughter of the fool and the shame of the coward in Paul Bailey’s Old Soldiers

Małgorzata Łuczyńska-Hołdys
Sublime fragments: the Romantic path to knowledge

Joanna Malicka
Mapping multiple voices in B. S. Johnson’s House Mother Normal

Joanna Jodłowska
B.F. Skinner’s Walden Two versus Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: what-topia?

Paulina Grzęda
Novels of transition: counter-narratives in André Brink’s Imaginings of Sound

Paulina Kamińska
Beyond the breakdown of communication: exploring obstacles to communicating in the novels of Doris Lessing

Przemysław Górniak
The dual portrayal of the character of Sir Gawain in Middle English narratives

Joanna Szwed-Śliwowska
The dark shade of Lincoln green: violence, cruelty, and anger in the Robin Hood legend

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