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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 22/1

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 22/1

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Table of contents

Marek Paryż
Herman Melville’s Pierre and the allegory of empire

Bartosz Stopel
The formalist roots of Stanley Fish’s and E.D. Hirsch’s Hermeneutics

Małgorzata Łuczyńska-Hołdys
In the land of Ulro: Satan as a concept of mistaken creativity in William Blake’s poetry and designs

Magdalena Popiel
Integrating music with fiction: Ian McEwan’s libretto for Michael Berkeley’s opera For you

Joanna Jodłowska
A New Brave Old World: what Zygmunt Bauman, Thomas Eriksen and Aldous Huxley (may) have in common

Joanna Stolarek
Ironic, grotesque, farcical and tragic depiction of totalitarianism in Martin Amis’s selected works

Tomasz Wiącek
The path to Mary’s acquittal: legal solutions in the N-Town Cycle’s ‘‘Trial of Mary and Joseph”

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