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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 22/2

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 22/2

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Table of contents

Agnieszka Kocel
Palatalization as a non-uniform process affecting grammatical words: a comparison of data from dialectally identified and unidentified Late Middle English texts

Karolina Stangel
The comparison of bisegmental representations of sC clusters in English

Magdalena Tomaszewska
The fates of OE *durran, etc in Middle English: a study in word geography

Mariusz Bęcławski
Semantic change in Old English ‘music’ nouns: a corpus study

Natalia Budohoska
Kiswahili loanwords in the English language of Kenya within a theoretical framework

Magdalena Biegajło
Yus’s and Jodłowiec’s relevance-theoretic approaches to jokes: a critical comparison

Agnieszka Cyluk
Discourse completion task: its validity and reliability in research projects on speech acts

Mieczysław Nasiadka
Can anything be put into any container? A few remarks on possible and impossible metaphors involving synthetic, analytical and unique concepts

Tamás Fekete
A Hungarian CrosSection of linguistics

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