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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 23/2

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 23/2

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Table of contents

Maciej Machnicki
Vowel reduction and empty nuclei in European Portugese: An analysis of the syllable structure

Dariusz Zembrzuski
Cluster reduction from the perspective of articulatory phonology: A case of Polish affricates

Marta Kołos
Non-root-initial ictus on native words in Old and Middle English poetry

Anna Budna
The present participle mark-ing in East Midland Middle English: a corpus study

Sylwia Pielecha
Reflexivity in Old English

Xavier Dekeyser
From spatial concepts to time in the history of English: continuity and remoteness in time* Metonymy and metaphor

Małgorzata Kłos
Euphemistic and non-euphemistic verbs for ‘die’ in Middle English chronicles

Bernhard Diensberg
Further problems in the integration of Anglo-French loanwords

Ewa Mioduszewska
(Inter?)subjectivity of explicit content in Relevance Theory

Helena Sobol
Use of writing space on the Franks Casket: Editorial and linguistic issues

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