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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 25/2

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 25/2

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Table of contents

David L White
Old English without Short Diphthongs: An Alternative Historical Phonology

Marta Kołos
On the Possibility of Continuity in the Metrical Status of Heavy Syllables in Medieval English

Mateusz Sarnecki
Object Length and Other Factors in Prepositional Variation: The Case of Speak, Talk and Write

Marta Sylwanowicz
And þan it wole be a good oynement restoratif… Pre- and Postnominal Adjectives in Middle English Medical Recipes

Marta Kisielewska-Krysiuk
Lying and the Relevance-Theoretic Explicit/Implicit Distinction

Elwira Szehidewicz
A Relevance Theoretic Analysis of the Concepts of NEUROSIS and DISEASE in the Context of Psychotherapy

Anna Wrzesińska
The Names of Watercourses and Natural Water Reservoirs in Middle English

Joanna Esquibel and Anna Wojtyś
Æfter/ra in the Lindisfarne Gospels: On the Plethora of Its Meanings and Uses in the English Gloss

Jędrzej Olejniczak
Interference Patterns of the Verb Say in the Narration of English-Polish Literary Translations: A Corpus-Based Study

Elizabeth Bell Canon
Buried Treasure in the Tyndale Corpus: Innovations and Archaisms

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