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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 27/2

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 27/2

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David L. White
Reasons to Think That Anglo-Frisian Developed in Britain

Katarzyna Alicja Zdziera
The Distribution of the Perfect Auxiliaries be/have in Middle English Texts

Michał Kaluga
Nice to Meet You or Nice Meeting You: Complementation Patterns of Emotive Adjectives

Mayowa Akinlotan
The Structural Simplification Hypothesis and the Premodifiers in Nigerian English

Marta Sylwanowicz
Middle and Early Modern English Medical Recipes: Some Notes on Specialised Terminology

Fabienne Toupin
Practitioner from Instrument: Metonymy in Names for Physicians in the History of English

Magdalena Wieczorek
Relevance in Sitcom Discourse: The Viewer’s Perspective

Dafina Genova
Complementarity of Image and Text in Political Cartoons: Three Case Studies

Olga Laskowska
From the British Isles to Ceylon, or English in Sri Lanka

Quang Nam Pham
Can Indirect, Delayed Error Correction Improve Students’ Willingness to Speak in the Target Language?

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