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Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 28/3

Anglica. An International Journal of English Studies 28/3

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Ryszard W. Wolny

Libby Robin
Uncertain Seasons in the El Niño Continent: Local and Global Views

Krzysztof Kosecki
The “Cultural Landscape” of Australia in Bush Ballads: Slim Dusty’s Aussie Sing Song

Agnieszka Setecka
“He certainly was rough to look at”: Social Distinctions in Anthony Trollope’s Antipodean Fiction

Stefanie Affeldt
“The White Experiment”: Racism and the Broome Pearl-Shelling Industry

Zuzanna Kruk-Buchowska
Scaling Colonial Violence: One Day Celebrations in Fremantle, WA

Elżbieta Wilczyńska
The Return of the Silenced: Aboriginal Art as a Flagship of New Australian Identity

Hervé Cantero
The ANZAC Tribulations at Gallipoli in Recent Australian Children’s Literature

Anna Branach-Kallas
Trauma, Gothic Apocalypse and Critical Mourning: The First World War and Its Aftermath in Chris Womersley’s Bereft

Dagmara Drewniak
“Storytelling is an ancient art”: Stories, Maps, Migrants and Flâneurs in Arnold Zable’s Selected Texts

Ryszard W. Wolny
“Dinner by the River” and “Driving to the Airport”: Andrew Taylor’s Polish Ash Poems and Jacques Derrida’s Cinder

Matthew Leroy
Controlling the Ever Threatening ‘Other’


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