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Anglica 3: Sound, word and sentence

Anglica 3: Sound, word and sentence

Barbara Dancygier
Conditional questions and imperatives

Romuald Gozdawa-Gołębiowski
Some remarks on the role of pragmatics in word-formation processes

Andrzej Kaznowski and Małgorzata Jaśniewska
Lexical functions and cognitive grammar

Paweł Kornacki
A note on the category of animacy in language

Ewa Mioduszewska
What do implicatives in English and Polish imply?

Anna Murkowska
When-temporal clauses in Early Modern English

Małgorzata Pogorzelska-Bonikowska
Spoken and written language

Jerzy Wełna
On transcribing Shakespeare

Jerzy Wełna
A remark concerning the status of English diphthongs: a diachronic assessment

Dorota Wiland
Boundary phenomena in phonology

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