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Anglica 5: Studies in literature, culture and language

Anglica 5: Studies in literature, culture and language


Bożenna Chylińska
“Is America Our Zion?” Zionism and American Jewry in Herzlian and Philipsonian Thought

Andrzej Weseliński
John Steinbeck on the Screen

Agata Preis-Smith
Modern Critics and the American Fireside Poets: A Case of Cultural Misreading

Marek Gołębiowski
American Musical in Poland: A Study in Acculturation

Marzena Sokołowska
The Myth of the First World War in English and Polish Poetry of 1914-1918


Elżbieta Górska
On the Evaluation of Word Formation Competence Models Within the Lexical Framework. The State of the Art Report. Part I: The 1970s and the Early 1980s

Jerzy Wełna
Frequency and a Sound Change in American English

Adam Szczegielniak
Bloomfield’s Morphophonemics in a Historical Perspective

Ewa Mioduszewska
Negating Non-Truth-Conditional Meaning: A Comment on L. Hom’s (1985) Metalinguistic Negation

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