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Anglica 8: Papers on literature, culture and language

Anglica 8: Papers on literature, culture and language


Bożenna Chylińska
From the World of Archetypes to the World of Myth. On the “Poeticality” of Thomas Steams Eliot’s Early Drama

Marzena Sokołowska
The Post-War Consciousness in Two Selected Poems by George MacBeth: “The Killing” and “The Disciple”

Maria Wójcicka
Milton’s Satan and Frankenstein. A Re-evaluation of Paradise Lost

Bartłomiej Błaszkiewicz
The Threefold World: Medieval Elements in the Treatment of World’s Geography in the Drama of Christopher Marlowe

Audronė Raškauskienė
Journey as a Metaphor in Doris Lessing’s The Summer Before the Dark

Paweł Rutkowski
Utopia in Motion: Vienna in Measure for Measure as a Perfect(?) Moral Commonwealth

Jerzy Wełna
American Culture Lexicalized. (A Linguist’s Remarks on a Lexicon of American Culture)


Aniela Korzeniowska
Bilingualism and Biculturalism in Reference to Translation

Stefan Sikora
The Role of Translator: a Mirror or an Intermediary? Information Structure in Translating Culturally-rooted Functional Documents

Renata Opis
Nouns in Cognitive Perspective. (Langacker’s Approach Reviewed)

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