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Anglica 10: Crosscurrents: literature, culture and language

Anglica 10: Crosscurrents: literature, culture and language

Jerzy Wełna, Andrzej Weseliński, Editors’ note
Jacek Fisiak, Professor Irena Dobrzycka: A teacher, scholar and friend


Grażyna Bystydzieńska
“The boundless landscape”: The poetic landscape in James Thomson’s The Seasons

Marek Gołębiowski
The two acculturations: English culture in the Varsavian positivism

Irena Janicka-Świderska
St.Patrick for Ireland by James Shirley

Aleksandra Kędzierska
A tale of the heart: A study in the poetry of G. M. Hopkins

Zofia Kolbuszewska
The frontier reinscribed: (Hiero)glyphs in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon

Jolanta Nałęcz-Wojtczak
Fear-ridden childhood: Puritan pedagogy in Charles Dickens’s novels

Witold Ostrowski
An outline of English nonsense literature

Irena Przemecka
W. B. Yeats’s and Eugene O’Neill’s use of masks

Krystyna Stamirowska
E. M. Foster’s Italian novels: A spiritual journey

Adela Styczyńska
Love-plot in Henry Esmond

Andrzej Weseliński
Graham Greene’s (re)collected essays and stories

Jacek Wiśniewski
A tourist in his own country? Louis MacNeice and his influence on contemporary Irish poetry

Andrzej Zgorzelski
Some remarks on the novel cycle in the non-mimetic fiction


Edmund Gussmann
A never-ending story: The phonology of English inflectional endings

Ewa Mioduszewska
Explicature, implicature and the propositional connective and (&)

Jerzy Rubach
Syllabic consonants in English

Jerzy Wełna
Remarks on variable word stress in Chaucer

Jerzy Zybert
The learning value of errors

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