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Anglica 11: Focus on literature, culture and language

Anglica 11: Focus on literature, culture and language


Katarzyna Janitz-De La Rue
Britain has no space for spinsters. Single women and the emigration propaganda of the inter-war years

Bartłomiej Błaszkiewicz
The presentation of Hell in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Adriana Madej
Urban landscapes in Jeanette Winterson’s early novels

Eliza Borkowska
“Dear Mother, the Church is cold”: William Blake rends the veil of the temple

Sławomir Maskiewicz
Critics on Muriel Spark’s novels

Ilona Zawadzka
Curses and blessings of eidetic imagination in Thomas Wolfe’s The Autobiography of an American Novelist

Andrzej Weseliński
On interpreting Iris Murdoch’s fiction


Elżbieta Górska
The approach of cognitive grammar to the part–whole relation

Wolfgang Pauels
Forgetting, repeating, retaining: repetition in foreign language acquisition

Bartłomiej Czaplicki
Soft labials in the Kurp dialect of Polish

Marta Kisielewska
On Carston’s changing view of generalized conversational implicatures

Agnieszka Piskorska
On Grice’s theory of meaning

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