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Anglica 12: Investigating literature, culture and language

Anglica 12: Investigating literature, culture and language


Marzena Sokołowska
An Anglo-Saxon perspective on the contemporary predicament: deciphering the design in Last Poems and Eschatological by Peter Reading

Adriana Madej
Revitalisation of postmodern language in Jeanette Winterson’s Art and Lies. A Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd

Dominika Materska
From fact to fiction: Angela Calter’s Nights at the Circus as a study in unreliable narration

Sławomir Maskiewicz
Narrative invention and conventional storytelling in Muriel Spark’s Aiding and Abetting

Bożenna Chylińska
“A paralysis of will”. The American policy of inaction toward Nazi victims during the Holocaust: the War Refugee Board story, 1943-1945

Paweł Rutkowski
Europe in the face of the Turkish menace in Sir Thomas More’s Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

Dorota Babilas
Musicians and vampires: two cases of Victorian possession


Marta Sylwanowicz
Remarks on Old English medical terminology

Beata Łukaszewicz
Deletion in onsets in child phonology: resolving conflicts between markedness and identity

Joanna Janecka
The power of sound – translating Polish poetry into English

Ewa Mioduszewska
Some general remarks on the explicature/implicature distinction in the theory of relevance

Jerzy Wełna
Measure adjectives and grammaticalisation

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