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Anglica 15: Crossroutes: literature, culture and language

Anglica 15: Crossroutes: literature, culture and language

Agata Preis-Smith, In Memoriam: Nancy Burke (1935-2006)

Nancy Burke, Images


Dominika Oramus
In “the pearl light of Nagasaki”: J.G. Ballard’s War Narratives

Adriana Madej
Jeanette Winterson’s, Sexing the Cherry: Split images of the White Goddess

Małgorzata Grzegorzewska
Megalosaurus on Holborn Hill. Charles Dickens and the 19th century naturalists

Paulina Kupisz
“Where the knots of the narrative are tied and untied”: The generic chronotopes in A.S. Byatt’s Possession

Irena Księżopolska
Temporal loops in Virginia Woolf‘s fiction

Tamás Vraukó
César Chávez and the Chicano Movement

Małgorzata Gajda-Laszewska
Burden of truth: Literary accounts of the Persian Gulf War of 1991 as a counterbalance to the media spectacle

Renata Kurek
Spense’s Astrophel as an apotheosis of the courtier


Joanna Janecka
The comparative and superlative degree of adjectives in the Northern and East Midland dialects of Middle English: a comparative study

John G. Newman
Grammar and style: plural form variation in loan nouns in the history of English

Marta Sylwanowicz
Medieval madness: the Anglo-Saxon terminology of mental diseases

Anna Wojtyś
The elimination of the prefixal marking in the past participle forms: focus on the Northern dialect

Beata Łukaszewicz
Some remarks on harmony, metathesis and feature alignment in child speech

Janina Mołczanow
The phonology of the English palatal glide

Tamás Kiss
Values mismatch? A call for the study of educational values in English Language Teaching

Ewa Schramm
Plato von Reussner — “the Polish Ollendorff and Toussaint-Langenscheidt”

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