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Anglica 18: Explorations in language

Anglica 18: Explorations in language

Agnieszka Kocel
Much, such and each: k -palatalization and distribution of (non—)palatal forms in Northern Middle English

John G. Newman
Phonological conditioning and noun plural formation in Middle English

Anna Budna
The diffusion of the present participle mark –ing in West Midland Middle English: a corpus study

Anna Wojtyś
Suffixal past participle marking in Mediaeval English

Bernhard Diensberg
Old and Middle English semantic fields compared: changes in the lexicon and the linguistics consequences of the Norman Conquest (1066)

Sylwester Łodej
Semantic change in sociolinguistic perspective: the term pope

Kinga Sądej
Old English—derived words in the Middle English semantic field HlLL/MOUNTAIN

Mieczysław Nasiadka
Some arguments provided by Lakoff, Johnson, Turner and direct experience in support of the Conduit Metaphor

Bartłomiej Czaplicki
Voice assimilation in Ukrainian and English

Piotr Białas
Entrenchment and context in the dative movement transformation

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