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Anglica 20: Approaches to language

Anglica 20: Approaches to language

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Bartłomiej Czaplicki, University of Warsaw
Against the syllable: epenthesis and metathesis in English

Bernhard Diensberg, University of Bonn
Three views on morphological processes in Middle English

Xavier Dekeyser, University of Antwerp and KU Leuven
The influx of Scandinavian loans into Middle English: a long-lasting process

Natalia Budohoska, University of Warsaw
Language as a means of expressing identity in a multilingual reality: the place of English in Kenya today

Joanna Chwesiuk, University of Warsaw
A discourse dynamic approach to metaphor in talk. A case study of a BBC radio talk

Aneta Czyżewska, University of Warsaw
Synesthetic metaphors in the perspective of cognitive linguistics. A case of Vladimir Nabokov’s metaphors

Błażej Gałkowski, University of Warsaw
Formulaic competence

Agnieszka Krężlewicz, University of Warsaw
Developing intercultural communicative competence in a multicultural environment: an empirical research

Magdalena Rybarczyk, University of Warsaw
My sister vs. your daughter. Perspective changes and their implicit impact on communication

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